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Review: Is The Zendure SuperTank The supreme portable USB-C PD Battery?

After headphones I assumption my 2nd most significant innovation addiction has to be batteries. tech life depends upon electrons as well as I have an unnatural worry of running out of power. So when I saw the new Zendure SuperTank introducing on Kickstarter I understood I had to back it.

It seems I’m not alone since it hit its funding goal of $30,000 within one hour as well as ended up increasing $553,785. That was back in February as well as the battery was provided a few months ago. So now I’ve had time to try it out here’s the verdict.

What is the Zendure SuperTank?

The SuperTank is a power bank with double USB-C PD (Power Delivery) outputs (100W + 60W) in addition to 2 USB-A ports.

One of the very best things about the new MacBook (and other contemporary laptops) is its capability to fee from an outside USB-C PD battery as well as the SuperTank is perfect for this in addition to other non-PD gadgets.

Its ribbed enclosure is expected to look like ‘quality luggage’, rather why you’d want your power bank to look like that I’m not sure, however in my viewpoint it does cheapen the look of this battery a little, however no biggy.

It is a different shape from many similar products too, however its thicker, shorter type element (12cm x 7cms x 4cm & 481g) implies there’s sufficient area to get all 4 ports onto one edge of the enclosure, plus a display.

That screen shows fee level as well as mode as well as is managed from the single button on top. The X-Charge mode makes sure that even low power draw gadgets like wearables can be charged too, some lower batteries discover the present draw as well little for gadgets such as this as well as decline to fee them. A long press of the button forces a modification in fee direction as some laptops may try to fee the SuperTank rather than accept it as a charger.

Charge 2 Laptops at Once

To test the battery I ran my 2018 15″ MacBook pro down to 10% as well as then shut the lid as well as linked the SuperTank.

After around 90 minutes the Zendure system was at 5% as well as my MacBook was completely charged. Doubling my laptops battery life, brilliant. certainly you can continue utilizing your laptop while it charges too, in truth its 2 x USB-C Power shipment ports imply you can even fee 2 laptops at once.

With the Pass-Through Charging mode you can have the SuperTank plugged into the mains, as well as likewise have your laptop or other gadget plugged into it as well on the output side, making for a type of UPS mode.

Maximum capability for Flying

Its 27,000mAh capability corresponds to 99.9 Wh, so it’s just under the 100Wh limit imposed by a number of of the worlds aviation authorities.

Incredibly this battery pack that you can hold in your palm, stores sufficient energy to drive my 1.6 load EV for around half a mile. certainly Zendure state that the 8 Samsung power cells utilized in the device are much more typically employed in “premium electric vehicles” as well as seldom seen in consumer electronics. These likewise produce less warm as well as offer 5x quicker charging speeds. as well as that charging speed is truly noticeable.

I went for the bundle that included the Zendure SuperPort 4 charger as well which refills the battery super-fast in around an hour. If you are pleased with slower charging then you can utilize any type of USB-C PD charger – like your MacBook’s PSU – so this isn’t truly necessary, although I’ve discovered the SuperPort 4 to be an concept travel charger too.

Lithium ion batteries can be quite spectacular when they go wrong as well as to assist simplicity your mind Zendure state the SuperTank has ‘nine layers of security protection’. That includes support against overcharge, over discharge, double temperature protection, short-circuit protection, output overpower protection, output overcurrent protection, input overcurrent protection, input overvoltage protection, as well as MCU reset. Phew.

Summing Up

It has been fantastic to have the SuperTank with me on my last couple of company trips.

From charging my cameras, headphones, phone to keeping the laptop juiced up for hours. It offers the maximum flyable capacity, with all the ports I requirement together with high speed charging for my MacBook.

Simply put its the very best USB-C PD battery I’ve tried to date as well as it travels with me all over now.

The Zendure SuperTank has a 2 year guarantee as well as is offered now.


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