Klevio launches smart Intercom That opens Doors with Your Phone

Klevio is a smart intercom that opens your doors using your phone – without replacing your existing locks, capable of opening multiple doors, and with virtual keys easily shared to a variety of people through its app – covering everything from being at home to let the cleaner in to accessibility, and letting in the Airbnb guests to managing multiple buildings remotely. virtual keys can be controlled based on time and location – so your cleaner can only open the door when in front of it.

Rather than replacing your lock and keys, Klevio One connects to an existing intercom system inside a home and is operated by means of an iOS or Android app. Klevio can be fitted in any home with no need to change existing locks. It works with multiple doors and there’s no need to modify the communal area of apartment or condo buildings when installing it, considering that the device is located within the flat. The app connects to the device, allowing users to open their private and communal doors from anywhere with a swipe and press of a button.

The first product, Klevio One, is a smart intercom that lets you open doors and share digital keys from anywhere, using your phone.

Devices are now available to be installed in London following a successful pilot with 1,000 users; expansion to major UK cities is planned for later this year

Klevio can be used in everything from your home to a network of units for businesses

The company has raised £1.2m to date from famous London angels including co-founders of onefinestay and LocalGlobe

Klevio is complementary to standard keys rather than a replacement. It supplies users with new options to manage their homes and properties without any compromise on security. users keep their existing locks and old keys as a backup, and the use of Klevio is not evident to any individual outside the building.

With Klevio, users can also share and revoke digital keys instantly, a feature that comes in helpful whenever someone needs access to a home when the owner is not present, or to let in an Airbnb guest or a contractor.

Greg Marsh, onefinestay co-founder and an early investor in Klevio, said: “Managing multiple properties is hard. At onefinestay we managed thousands of high end homes in city centres. and when we knew how much time we were wasting getting keys to our guests, we started working on the keyless entry system that has today been perfected as Klevio One. Klevio saves time for apartment or condo hosts, property managers and householders and, as a smart home device, it also improves security. I’m pleased to see something we developed at onefinestay become a category leading product in its own right. a lot more than anything that is a testament to the hard work and know-how of the Klevio team.”

Currently, Klevio is available in London where 1,000 users checked digital keys in a successful 10-month pilot. The company has plans to expand coverage across the UK and beyond.


Size (mm): 160 x 160 x 34

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5, WiFi b/g/n (2.4GHz, WPA2)

Power: 12V/2A, power supply 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.5A

Intercom compatibility: a broad range of intercom systems including 2-wire and 5-wire systems


Consumers can choose from different packages that include two different versions of the Klevio One device (one with WiFi only and another one with WiFi and 4G) and types of installation. Klevio can be fitted into homes without a pre-existing intercom system. Klevio One with WiFi costs £249 and £299 with WiFi and 4G (it requires a minimum of 12-months subscription for £5/month). Installation is carried out by an approved Klevio installer and costs £150 for a house or £250 for a flat.

For a lot more information head to klevio.com

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